Linda DeFilippo | Rockland County Real Estate | August 2022

$170,325,116 Sums up the August Volume for Single-Family Home Sales in Rockland County

Rockland County’s Real Estate Market for August continued to show the market is still robust contrary to what national news reports.  Based on single family homes, the county had 237 new inventory, wrote 178 contracts and closed on 247 homes. Rockland’s August median sales price is $650,000.

To further contradict the news media, the proof is in the numbers. The August median price point from previous years is far below today’s prices!  2021:  $577,000 median sales price.  2020:  $500,000 median sales price. To go back one more year (pre-covid) 2019; $461,250 median sales price!

Yes, the mortgage rates hike has cooled down the very white hot Real Estate market here in Rockland County, but it is certainly still red hot. We still have low supply, strong buyer demand, and Rockland County being a desirable area all continues to be the major drivers of our market staying strong.

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